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Peshawar Electric Supply Company is the power supplier company in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and it serves more than 2.6 million people in the province. Pesco is one of Pakistan’s best power supply companies, thanks to an effectively managed and transparent complaint registration system. Customer Complaint Management System (CCMS) is the stand-alone complaint management system introduced by Pesco. A Pesco consumer can use this online portal to register a complaint. So let’s discuss PESCO online complaints and the PESCO complaint system.

There are three different channels available for PESCO complaints. A consumer can opt for any of them to reach the Customer Complaint Management System.

  • To get guidance on the call, the Pesco helpline number is: 118
  • SMS services are available on the number: 8118
  • The email address for the Pesco complaint center is:

PESCO Online Complaint

Pesco has now digitalized all of its procedures, making it extremely simple for all of its customers to complete them from the convenience of their own homes. Customers are no longer required to visit the customer support center or the company offices. They may use PESCO online complaints system to register complaints about the electricity bills, their payment, and guidance to get a new connection.

Apart from that, the company is offering a well-managed Pesco complaint system that is easy to understand. A consumer can use the online portal from registering to resolving every type of complaint related to the power supply.  

PESCO Complaint Centre

Peshawar Electric Supply Company Complaint Center is conveniently positioned near the company’s head office in Peshawar. The power supply company created the Complaint System to assist customers in finding answers to their problems. It also offers advice and counsel to consumers to assist them in resolving their complaints.

Pesco customers can easily file a complaint without going to the Pesco complaint center in Peshawar. As a result, separate phone lines are set aside for making a complaint on the phone.

A consumer can file any complaint online on the Customer Complaint management system.

The Procedure is Straightforward. 
  • Visit the official Pesco site at
  • From the left menu, select “Register Complaint” under the customer services tab.
  • Click “Register Your Complaint.” 
  • Please enter a 14 digit reference number from your electricity bill; it should be on the left top-most field.
  • Under the customer information, enter your name in the complaint name box.
  • Enter mobile number without extra spaces or dash – sign.
  • Then enter the email address followed by the customers’ address. 
  • Under the Complaint Details, you have to enter the following details
  • >Address of nearest place 
  • >From the three options in the “Complaint Category,” select the most appropriate option according to the complaint.
  • >Carefully select the complaint type. Your complaint will be forwarded to the selected department only.
  • >Enter the complaint details.
  • >You can attach a file to support your complaint using the choose file option.
  • Finally, hit the Register Complaint button. 

In the PESCO CCMS, a Complaint is Automatically Acknowledged after 24 Hours of Filing it.

Pesco complaint cell claims to investigate and resolve your online complaint within 14 days, and in case of further delay, the complainant would be kept informed from time to time.

Pesco also offers an online ticketing system that allows you to sell tickets straight from their website and manage your business in real-time. With the help of a live email answer from the customer service center, you may also send and receive instant messages. In addition, Pesco customer service centers offer an advanced software solution that allows you to track customer feedback and successfully manage your business.

Pesco Online complaint

PESCO Complaint Number

Pesco is providing a 24/7 emergency helpline to its consumers. Other than registering a complaint online, a person can also call the Pesco office and get assistance.

For queries, Pesco complaint number is:

  • UAN: 111-000-128
  • Other numbers are (central complaint cell):  
  • 9212010
  • 9212028
  • 9212037 

There are different complaint numbers for every region.

Let Us State Here The Region-Wise Pesco Complaint Numbers
  • PESCO complaint number Mardan  0937-9230288
  • PESCO complaint number Khyber 091-9217576
  • PESCO complaint number PESHAWAR 091-9212523
  • PESCO complaint number HAZARA-1 0992-9310089
  • PESCO complaint number SWABI  0938-221209
  • PESCO complaint number HAZARA-2 0997-920018
  • PESCO complain number SWAT 0946-9240367
  • PESCO complaint number BANNU 0928-613173

 Being a citizen of Pakistan, we must identify and then report electricity thieves to the power supply company. If you find anything suspicious around you, write down the situation and send it to Pesco electricity theft complaint email address at:

Send the email as soon as possible, or you can report the situation on call to the Pesco authorities on the Pesco contact numbers provided above. 

PESCO Contact Number          

There is a Pesco contact number for each Pesco service area where the services are available 24/7. For the people living in areas of KPK, there are region-wise contacts numbers. You can find the different cities’ Pesco contact numbers in the table above, including Pesco Swat’s contact number and Pesco Mardan’s contact number. 


Pesco, the power supply company, provides power to more than 2.6 million people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The company has listed its name among the best service providers due to the customer complaint services. A Pesco consumer can contact the Pesco helpline at any time. The updated details about the Pesco complaint number are always on the official website. In addition, a consumer can get the Pesco contact number from anywhere in the world and register both the online and offline complaint to the Pesco complaint cell. We hope after reading the article, you will be able to perform PESCO online complaint. If you have any questions related to PESCO online complaint system feel free to write in the comment section.

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  1. Here in our area hayatabad phase 6 sector f10 low voltage sudden breakdown and non responsive complaints cell which is 0915862118 is a routine .and hide and seek like situation at night time.plz solve our this isssue

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    Aap janab sy guzarish hai k ub kiya karain hum.

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