PESCO New Connection Procedure 2023 [Updates]

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PESCO provides electricity in Peshawar Pakistan. To register and get your new electricity connection the procedure is very simple. People can get their PESCO new connection Procedure via 2 methods. To establish a new connection people can get PESCO’s new connection form either from a local PESCO office or they can apply for PESCO online connection.

PESCO Stands for Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) provides service to 3.8 million customers in all districts throughout Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. PESCO owns and maintains Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s electricity distribution system. It supplies the region with 132 (66KV ) Sub-transmission lines and sub-stations. Including, 11KV and 440V low-tension lines, and distribution transformers that deliver electricity to your home or business.

PESCO Online Connection Guide

To register for PESCO’s new connection, there are 2 methods. One is by visiting the PESCO office and the other is an online procedure.  You can get the PESCO application form from the website online. Follow these steps to get started.

  • Fill out the PESCO online connection Application Form
  • Please upload the scanned copies of the following documents. Make sure that the size of scanned documents is less than 50 Kilo Bytes:-
  • >You have to submit valid proof of ownership such as a property registry, allotment letter, and an affidavit to facilitate the process
  • >Undertaking by the Applicant on stamp paper that is duly attested by the Oath Commissioner. There is no previous electricity connection present on the required connection and there are no outstanding bills. If arrear found on latter stage. I shall bound to pay them.
  • >In case of more than one owner, power of attorney then there is required a stamp Paper duly attested by the Oath Commissioner in favor of the applicant from other owners.
  • >In the case of the applicant being a tenant, a No objection certificate is required from the owner of the property.
  • >Attested copy of CNIC of the applicant.
  • >Attested Copies of CNIC of the two witnesses (in case of single-phase meter witnesses are not required).
  • >A copy of the concerned Tariff duly signed by the consumer and witnesses is required for all the connection types. (In the case of Domestic and Commercial connections, signatures of the witnesses are not necessary).
  • >Complete addresses and attested copy of CNIC of all board of directors is needed in case of Limited or private company.
  • >No objection certificate on company letterhead as per Form 29 duly signed by all the directors of the company.
  • >Charge Creation Certificate from Security and Exchange Commission, whose worth will be equal to the security amount.
  • Submit the online PESCO Application Form.
  • Get a Printout of the Application Form.
  • Attach all the above documents with the Application Form.
  • Send the Application along with all attachments to the concerned office.
  • After verification of the documents, a Demand Notice will be issued.
  • Please pay the Demand Notice to the designated bank.
  • Please send paid Demand Notice copy to the concerned office.
  • After verification of the Demand Notice payment, the connection will be installed.

PESCO New Connection Procedure From Local Subdivision/Office

Applicate For Supply

All applications for supply of energy shall be made on the PESCO’s prescribed form, known as “ Application and Agreement for supply energy”, obtainable from the local subdivision/sub-office concerned of the PESCO. The applications shall be signed by the owners or occupiers of the premises who desired to take the supply.

The applications shall be accepted for registration only if they are duly accompanied by the documents mentioned on the reverse of the said form. Any assistance or information required for filling up the form of application will also be provided to the applicant for supply by the local subdivision/sub-office concerned of the PESCO free of charge.

Point Of Supply

The PESCO shall give supply to the applicant/consumer at one point or more, as the PESCO may decide and if required by the PESCO, the substation building on the applicant/consumer’s premises for the reception and housing of the PESCO’s apparatus shall be erected to the approval of the PESCO at the expense of the applicant/consumer and shall be maintained in good and efficient repair by the consumer. 

The PESCO however, reserves the right to use the sub-station at the consumer’s premises for supply to other premises in the vicinity; provided always, that supply to the consumer shall not thereby be affected.

Inspection and Testing of Consumers Installation

When the electrical installation work on the premises of an applicant/consumer has been completed,  then the concerned wiring contractor should inform the PESCO about the full details of the installation process.

On the PESCO’s prescribed from “WIRING CONTRACTORS COMPLETION AND TEST REPORT” obtained free of charge from local subdivision/sub-office concerned of the PESCO, accompanied by a plan of the said installation. The PESCO is not responsible for how the installation of the electric meter and wiring is done in your premises. The inspection and testing by PESCO are only done in order to protect the PESCO system of supply, arrangements for supply to other consumers and meet the provision of the rules.

Approval of Consumer’s Installation

Before any electrical equipment or appliances are connected to PESCO mains, PESCO requires the consumer to consent to a pre-installation safety inspection. Permission will not be granted without the inspection being completed. No charge shall be made for the first inspection and test made by PESCO but subsequent inspections due to faults disclosed at that first test shall be charged for by the rates prescribed in PESCO’s Schedule of

Extensions in Consumers Installation

Supplying power to consumers aside from their wiring needs to include the electrical consuming apparatus. In the event of any addition or alteration made to the existing wiring or the energy-consuming apparatus without the previous inspection, test, and approval of the PESCO, the PESCO shall be entitled to disconnect supply to the consumer’s premises from the PESCO’s mains without any previous notice, and in the event of any damage done to the PESCO’s system resulting from such unauthorized addition or alteration, the consumer shall pay to the PESCO all expenses on account of and connected with, such damage.

PESCO New Connection Fee

When a customer applies for PESCO’s new connection, he has to pay the PESCO meter charges depending upon the type of service they applied for. Service type includes ( 230 V connection or 400 V connection). PESCO’s new connection fee is also calculated knowing the service type for which the consumer has applied.

PESCO New Connection

PESCO Contact Number

Now the customers can file PESCO online complaints by calling or emailing the PESCO offices. Not just in the case of consumer issues but also in the event of power theft. For any complaints, please feel free to contact the following PESCO complaint contact numbers.


PESCO Email Complains


How To Check Demand Notice:

1- Go to PESCO’s official website.
2- Print the demand notice provided with an option on the left side of the screen
3- There will be two options in front of you 1) New connection 2) Change of name/tariff/load
4- Click one option
5- Enter your CNIC/ or tracking-id
6- The status of your application will be shown

How To Download The PESCO Bill?

To download your PESCO bill you simply need to enter the 14-digit reference number mentioned on your bill. You will be viewed with the bill information and its status. There will be a button to download the PESCO bill. Click the button and download your PESCO bill on any of your devices.

What is ALM in PESCO?

ALM in PESCO stands for Assistant Line Man.

How To Get PESCO Bill Online?

Just enter your 14-digit PESCO reference number and press enter. The screen will appear showing you your PESCO bill online. You can download your online PESCO bill from this screen.


To register and get your new PESCO connection the procedure is very simple. To establish a new connection people can get PESCO’s new connection form from a local PESCO office. They can apply for PESCO online connection application from the website as well. The PESCO new meter charges and PESCO new connection fee depends upon the service type consumers have opted for.

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