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PESCO electricity bill was introduced considering many important points. PESCO Duplicate Bill Online is also introduced by PESCO Electricity. The population is increasing day by day, even at an exponential rate. This increase further results in increased use of resources which automatically builds pressure on the state. This is often because the state is liable for fulfilling the requirements of the people. They need to manage, divide and distribute the resources so that each citizen receives them equally.
In the past, the staff used to do all the dealings with the customers in physical. However, payment of bills became easier due to the introduction of the online system. The government of Pakistan is introducing this method in almost all the functioning authorities of the state.

The most important reason is that those companies or authorities are responsible for delivering facilities to the people. They ought to have easy and accessible management through which every person can contact them quickly. Either it’s a hectic task to get a replacement connection, pay online bills, review old bills, and file a complaint, but PESCO online bill checking system often covers everything efficiently. Customers can easily access PESCO duplicate bills and solve their issues by themselves.

PESCO Duplicate Bill

The term PESCO duplicate bill may sound absurd to many people, but it is not strange or illegal. This feature in PESCO online billing has benefitted the customers the most. Again, this is a kind of customer service provided by PESCO’s management. The homeowner or bill payer tends to keep the storage of each PESCO bill for future reference.

Sometimes an error occurs in the system or is due to an error in the logs. Some people get messages from PESCO authorities that they haven’t paid their bills, but they did. These people will do online PESCO bill checking and then take original copies of all of the previous bills as evidence to clear up the misunderstanding. The misplacement of one of these copies can cause problems for the customer even after he has paid the bill.

A PESCO duplicate bill online is a copy of the bill. The first original copy is usually dispatched to the house of the customer. A duplicate bill can be a PESCO online bill copy that appears on the screen when a person enters their reference number in the search bar on the PESCO billing website. It is a copy of the original bill. There are many reasons this duplicate idea was introduced. Sometimes people lose their original copies and cannot find them. In this case, check the duplicates by inserting the reference number.

PESCO Duplicate Bill

PESCO Online Bill Download

Now customers can easily access the PESCO duplicate bill print. Enter the reference number on the website of PESCO. The PESCO bill duplicate copy will appear on the screen. Click on the image of the PESCO e bill for full view. Then click on the option of PESCO bill download. One can also get the PESCO duplicate bill printed in a simple and easy way.

PESCO Online Bill Payment

The most considerable comfort that introducing a web system has delivered to the customers is the PESCO online bill payment. One can quickly pay the PESCO electric bill without having to go away from the comfort of his home. Here are some ways through which an individual pays the PESCO bill online.

Many apps are formed explicitly to form it even easier for the purchasers to pay their PESCO consumer bill. Web banking has also made this process easier. It’s a system that’s easier for the staff to manage and work with and even easier for the purchasers to avail it than the old methods. It provides the service of PESCO bill online check by a reference number but doesn’t support checking PESCO online bill by name.

PESCO Bill Calculation

PESCO bill calculation is not that difficult. In Pakistan, there are different rates of units in several sectors. Domestic sectors have a different rate per unit; the commercial sector features a different rate per unit. The industrial sector has a different rate per, and similarly, the agricultural industry has different rates per unit. With each bill of electricity, other expenses like taxes also are added. The most general PESCO bill calculation formula is to multiply the total number of units utilized by each unit within the PESCO consumer bill. Then add the additional amounts like taxes etc., and this is often the bill.

Sometimes, the speed of the primary fifty units used is different from the units used above fifty. So it’s going to become a touch difficult for the purchasers to deal with such a situation and calculate the bill. But don’t be concerned. The web system has the answer to everything.

PESCO Bill Calculator

Many websites offer tools like the PESCO bill calculator. To be ready to calculate the bill from these websites following steps should be followed.

  • To perform PESCO bill calculation, visit our PESCO bill calculator.
  • After visiting the link, select the category whether the bill is of a domestic sector, commercial sector, industrial, or agricultural sector
  • Choose the connection whether you’ve got a three-phase connection or a single-phase connection
  • Lookup within the bill and search the entire number f electricity units used. Insert the entire amount of units used
  • It will calculate the bill

Sometimes people want to pre-calculate their electricity bill. For this purpose, they wait till the 15th date of the month. Then they calculate the bill for those 15 days and multiply it by two. It will give them an idea about their coming electricity bill.

PESCO Duplicate Bill

PESCO Tariff Rates

PESCO Tariff rates ate the extra charges like taxes and therefore the subsidiary that’s applied on the PESCO unit price in several sectors of Pakistan. Pakistan’s population is increasing day by day at an exponential rate. Therefore the electricity needs also are growing. Pakistan has been facing a shortage of electricity for the last 20 years. It makes its electricity, but if sometimes the load increases, it leads to load shedding. To supply a superb lifestyle to the citizens of Pakistan and meet their needs, Pakistan must import electricity from other countries also. It causes a big burden on the finance of Pakistan. PESCO per unit rate for the domestic sector is a bit low than the commercial sector.

In the domestic sector, a single-phase connection is enough to run all the appliances in the home. The electricity expenditure is less in the domestic sector. The PESCO per unit rate for the commercial sector is a bit high. It is because they use electricity for a bulk amount. Their business runs on electricity that’s a particular load on the facility supplying units. E.g., in the residential sector, the bill for electricity is Rs 3.95 up to 50 units. After it, the bill for units from 1-100 is 7.75 rupees. From 101-200, it is 10.06 per unit. And so on.


How To Pay PESCO Bills Online?

One can pay the PESCO bill online through the official websites of banks and banking apps, the jazz cash app, or the easy paisa app. Bill also can be paid through a jazz brokerage account.

How To Check PESCO Bills Online?

Browse the official website of PESCO. Enter the reference number into the bar. The PESCO duplicate bill will appear on the screen. One can check the bill online via this method.

How To Download the PESCO Bill?

Enter the reference number on the website of PESCO. The PESCO bill duplicate copy will appear on the screen. Click on the image of the PESCO e bill for full view. Then click on the option of PESCO bill download.

How To Get a PESCO Duplicate Bill?

Browse the official website of PESCO. Enter the reference number into the bar. The PESCO duplicate bill will appear on the screen. One can then download or print the bill by clicking on the options given.


Online PESCO bill checking has made the bill payment method even more fun. The availability of viewing PESCO duplicate bills and PESCO duplicate bill print has removed the tension from the minds of people that they have regarding the payment of the bill. The PESCO online bill copy can be used and printed out anywhere needed through the internet.

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