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Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) provides service to 3.8 million customers of all districts throughout Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. PESCO owns and maintains Khyber Pukhtunkhwa’s electricity distribution system. It supplies the region with 132 (66KV) Sub-transmission lines and sub-stations. It provides a facility to its consumers to check and calculate their electricity bills online through the PESCO bill calculator.

PESCO online electricity bill calculator helps you get an estimate of how much your monthly electricity bill will cost you. The PESCO bill calculation provides estimates and is not strictly accurate, but still, the PESCO bill calculator helps consumers understand the costs of their PESCO electric bills online. The PESCO bill calculator is designed to be easy to use- all you have to do is input information about your recent electricity usage, and the calculator will do all the math for you. They are also free to use, so there is no need for any payment or registration on these websites.

PESCO Bill Calculator – PESCO Unit Calculator

We need to be able to calculate how much we are going to pay for our electricity usage, we can do this by using the PESCO bill calculation tool. The online electricity bill calculator can help us do this. PESCO bill can be seen online and according to the PESCO bill calculation formula, your PESCO electricity bill cost can be estimated.

 The PESCO bill calculator helps you figure out how much you will have to pay for your electricity. It does so by estimating the amount of energy you will use and the price per unit as mentioned in the PESCO tariff guide.

PESCO Bill Calculator

PESCO Tariff Rates

PESCO tariffs are the prices that PESCO charges you for using electricity. These are set by the government, PESCO tariffs will tell you how much it costs to use a certain amount of electricity, also known as the PESCO unit price. PESCO per unit rate is different for every connection type and below are mentioned Commercial unit rates, Industrial and Residential unit rates of the PESCO tariff guide.

PESCO Residential Tariff

Units Variable charges
Up to 50 Units 4.00
For peak Load requirements less than 5kW  
01-100 Units 15.62
101-200 Units 18.81
201-300 Units 19.32
301-700 Units 20.56
Above 700 Units 22.33
For peak load requirements exceeding 5kW
Time of Use (TOU)-peak 21.59
Time of Use (TOU)- Off-Peak 14.16
Temporary Supply 21.60

PESCO Commercial Tariff

Units Variable charges
For peak Load requirements less than 5kW 21.59
For peak load requirements exceeding 5kW
Regular 16.92
Time of Use (TOU)-peak 22.46
Time of Use (TOU)- Off-Peak 16.22
Temporary Supply 21.61


PESCO Industrial Tariff

Units Variable charges
B1 19.11
B1 Peak 21.60
B1 Off Peak 16.05
B2 16.47
B2-Time of Use (TOU)- Peak 21.46
B2-Time of Use (TOU)- Off-Peak 15.71
B3-Time of Use (TOU)- Peak 21.02
B3-Time of Use (TOU)-Off-Peak 15.61
B4-Time of Use (TOU)- Peak 21.46
B4-Time of Use (TOU)- Off-Peak 15.98
Temporary Supply 17.10

PESCO Online Registration

The customer will have more control over his electricity bill, he can track it on cloud applications, he will be able to get alerts about any changes in the bill, and an online bill payment facility will enable him to pay at any time or date.


How To Download PESCO Bills Online?

PESCO is one of the most popular electric providers in Pakistan. It provides electricity to more than 3 million customers. Through this company, people can get electricity connections at their homes or offices.
Here are some steps for downloading PESCO electricity bill online:
1. Fill out the form on the website and submit it to get the PESCO connection.
2. If you have an established connection a 14- digit reference number is provided to you by PESCO.
3. Enter that 14-digit number and click on view PESCO Bill online.
4. View and download your PESCO bill in pdf format for free by clicking on the “Download” button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

How To Check PESCO Bills Online?

PESCO has come up with a way to make it easier for consumers to check their bills. Now it is possible to access the PESCO bill online by entering your 14-digit reference number provided by PESCO. This is a great facility that helps consumers have an easy time managing their bills.

How To Pay PESCO Bills Online?

PESCO bill payment can be done online on the website of your online banking. You can pay your PESCO bill by downloading the online banking app, logging in to your account, and selecting the ‘PESCO Bill Payment’ option. All you need is to enter your 14-digit reference number to fetch your PESCO bill online and write your pin to verify the transaction. After that, your PESCO bill payment will be done.


The PESCO bill calculator, found on our website, helps you estimate the amount of your monthly power bill you need to pay according to NEPRA rates. The PESCO bill calculator is designed to make things easy for you. All you have to do is share information about your recent electricity usage and the calculator will do the math for you, which saves both time & money for you. You can also use them without having to pay anything because it’s free!

PESCO bill calculation will provide rough estimates of your electric bill costs and it can help understand everything that goes into this charge. PESCO tariffs are the prices that PESCO charges you for using electricity. Government sets what these costs are, and it’s also informative to see how much the PESCO unit price is per KWh.

* PESCO charges are different for every connection type *

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