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The world is moving faster day by day. It seems like everyone is running short on time. Everyone wants their work to be done perfectly so that minimum time is spent on it. PESCO e bill was introduced considering all these points. The population is increasing day by day, even at an exponential rate. This increase further leads to increased use of resources which automatically builds pressure on the state & get PESCO online bill.

Electricity Bill PESCO is presented with more modification as Online PESCO Bill Print Or Download Duplicate Copy. This is because the state is responsible for fulfilling the needs of the people and the state. They have to manage, divide and distribute the resources so that each citizen receives them equally. There are approximately 2.6 million consumers of PESCO in Pakistan.

Nowadays everything works on electricity. Like Water, electricity has become a mandatory need for every person in the world. If we talk about the domestic sector, everything in the home, from food processors to laptops, depends on electricity. Alike the commercial areas, everything needs electricity in the shops, machinery, light, and fan. In the industrial sector, heavy machinery is installed that all electrical works.

PESCO Online Bill System

Similarly, the PESCO online bill system was also much needed to give a chance. It is not a luxury or a trend that has to be followed. It is a need—a new way to stay connected and works even in a better way. Firstly, the staff does all the dealings and tradings. Still, now due to the introduction of the PESCO online billing, it is not a difficult task anymore. These significant functioning bodies of Pakistan like PESCO are also introducing the online system among them.

The main reason is that those companies or authorities have a responsibility of delivering facilities to the people. Therefore, they should have easy and accessible management through which every person can contact them quickly. Whether a consumer needs a new connection, pays online bills, checks old bills, or files a complaint, everything can be efficiently covered through the PESCO online bill check system.

PESCO duplicate bill


PESCO stands for Peshawar Electric Supply Company. The first authority formed in Pakistan to manage and distribute the resources of Water and electricity was WAPDA. It stands for Water and power development authority, was formed in 1958. It was the only organization working day and night to facilitate the people present in every corner of Pakistan. Later on, the state was divided into eight significant areas for the distribution of resources. One AEB monitored each respective area. It stands for Area Electricity Board. This amendment was introduced in 1980.

On 1 June 1984, WAPDA divided the eight AEBs into twelve different companies. On 14 May 1998, the AEB Peshawar was reorganized as Peshawar Electricity Supply Company. As a result, the electricity and power distribution and transmission all over Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are under the control of PESCO.

PESCO Facilities

The main aim of PESCO is to provide all these facilities to all the 2.6 million people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that come under the administration of PESCO. There are many electrical and power companies working under PESCO. They are working on the certificate issues by PESCO to them. In administrating the distribution of electricity, PESCO makes sure to take responsibility for all the electricity transmission cables’ insulation and fixation. In addition, it makes sure to monitor power transmission among different power stations.

PESCO has its official way of providing power to different areas. However, there is one step that each and everyone has to follow. The people who need to install an electricity connection in his house contact one of these companies were working under PESCO. They give an electricity extension to his home.

PESCO also ensures that the power supplied by the primary source to these transmission powerhouses is monitored and uninterrupted. The case of energy shortage also decides from which area they have to cut power and for what time. So even the electricity shortage is also distributed equally in the Khyber Pakhtoon Kha. All the employers of PESCO are managed by  WAPDA.

PESCO Jurisdiction

The jurisdiction of PESCO includes all those areas that come under the management and control of PESCO. Like the electricity and the power management, PESCO manages the distribution and payment collection of all these areas. Most of the customers of PESCO are destined to receive electricity from the domestic sector. As the areas that come under the PESCO are mostly rural so this statement is completely justified. Moreover, it supplies power and energy to thirteen districts of Khyber Pakhtun Kha. Those districts include Peshawar, Mardan, Swabi, Swat, Dera Ismail Khan, Kohat Haripur Abbottabad, Mansehra Bannu Nowshera Charsadda, and Muzaffarabad. The main task of PESCO in these areas are 

  • Continuously upgrade the grid station.
  • Lay new transmission lines.
  • Remodeling of transmission lines if required any
  • Modernize the system accordingly.

How To Check PESCO Bill Online ?

PESCO has also introduced an online system in its management. This is a very significant step. This step is taken to improve the performance as well as the efficiency of work. Pakistan’s population is increasing day by day. There was a time when the people living in cities enjoyed facilities like availability of electricity, water, etc. Still, as development increases, which is a good thing, the need and use for electricity are also raising continuously in rural and urban areas.

After that, a new system was improvised. People could actually send money to each other through the online system. Now, this type of dealing made people even happier. The traditional way of transferring money or paying PESCO Wapda bills in the banks was very tiring. First, one has to physically go to the assorted bank no matter how far it is. Then they had to stand and wait in light in the scorching heat of the sun for hours. Then in their turn, they used to pay bills. That took time as well because the cashier dealing with them is also human, not a machine. He has to carefully check each detail on the bill not to get fooled by some pranksters. Then he had to submit the received bill and pay him back the remaining amount.

Even it was hectic for the customers that if they wanted to establish a new electricity connection in their house, they had to go to the PESCO office to add a request. And if people had any complaints regarding the load shedding or the mistake in the bill, they again have to travel to the PESCO office.

PESCO Bill Online Check By CNIC 

If If you haven’t yet received your WAPDA electric bill, don’t worry, you will receive it soon. If you click on this link, you will be able to print an exact copy of your PESCO bill. This duplicate copy of your bill can be used to pay your bill if you wish. The PESCO bill is now available online each month. PESCO bills can be accessed online via Check Bill, a free online service. You can view your current bill, up-to-date, as well as any outstanding charges on your bill. Alternatively, you can print a copy from the PESCO monthly bill and have it delivered to your nearest office.


PESCO Electricity Bill Management Department

The PESCO online bill checking system under the PESCO electricity bill management department gains even more hype and popularity in 2019. The main reason behind it was the unfortunate spread of covid 19 throughout the country. It made everyone sit in their homes. Any physical interaction risked the health of people. So the government needed to devise a system so that the people could pay their bills while sitting in their homes to ensure their safety.

The introduction of the bill online PESCO made many people happy yet confused some of them because they were not so familiar with the PESCO electricity bill process. They thought that it would be a headache to check the bill or pay the bill online. But in reality, it is a straightforward method.

Online Bill Payment Method

In order to check the online bill, one must have a smartphone., Ipad or laptop. They should have access to good internet. To check the bill online, one should open chrome or the browser. Then in the type bar, you have to type the address of the official website of PESCO. There are other websites as well that provides access to the PESCO bill. The PESCO office worker does send the hard copy of the bill to their customers’ houses monthly. On that bill, there is a bar of reference numbers. This number contains 14 digits.

On opening the website, the website will demand a reference number. One has to type the reference number given in the bill. After writing the reference number, he should click the search option, and there you go! the bill is opened in front of them on their screens. By applying this method, people can search their electricity bills in any place and at any time. Sometimes it happens that the customers do not receive the hard copy of the invoice. It is also not an issue. The customers can put the reference number of their old bill and get the information about their bill online.

Online Bill Payment Problems

In some apps, if the pin code is not available during the money transfer, the retailer asks the customer for their CNIC number, and the money is transferred or received through the CNIC number. Well, this method is not applicable to the PESCO online bill checking method. One is not given the option to insert the CNIC number in case he does not have a references number.

You may wonder, “but why?” This is so to maintain the privacy of the person paying the bill and to keep him away from any controversies in the future.  The CNIC number is very easy to track in Pakistan. Even hackers can easily track one’s CNIC number. But the reference number is very safe. It is only present on the bill that the customer himself only receives. Moreover, the reference number is different for each customer. All of them have an entirely different reference number to make sure that no other person can access them except for the exact customer.

PESCO Bill Print

Method To Pay PESCO Bill

The most considerable comfort that introducing an online system has brought customers is the PESCO bill online payment. One can quickly pay the bill without having to leave the comfort of his home. Here are many ways through which a person can pay the PESCO electric bill online. Many apps are formed explicitly to make it even more comfortable for the customers to pay their PESCO consumer bills.

Online Bill Payment Banking App

Online banking has also made this process easier. It is a system that is easier for the staff to manage and work with and even easier for the customers to use than the old methods. It provides the service of PESCO bill online check by a reference number but does not check PESCO online bill by name.

Many banks have launched their apps to make it easy for customers to pay the bill. If one is paying through the bank’s app, then the following steps should be followed.

  • Download the app on the mobile or laptop
  • Make sure that you download the bank’s app in which you have your own account. Otherwise, that app would be of no use.
  • Every app works on its software. Some apps would require you to make an account using your phone number or CNIC number. Then they will ask you to select a password for your account. In this way, your account would be made. At the same time, some apps like UBL Banking App are connected to the affiliated bank. They ask the customer to insert his account number. As soon as the customer enters the account number, the app gives him access to his bank account.
  • The next step is to see the options and click the option with the title of bill payment.
  • After opening it, select the company that is PESCO and click on the Next button.
  • They will ask you for your reference number. Insert your reference number.
  • Then click on the option to add the bill and then pay the bill.
  • Wait for some time after paying the bill till you receive a notification on the app or through SMS or email that your bill has been paid. Take a screenshot of that notification.
  • The bill is paid, and it will be mentioned on your account when you recheck it online.

Many banks also accept bill payments through credit cards and debit cards. For PESCO, there is a list of banks that accept payment through credit or debit cards as well. Those are UBL, SCB, MCB, and HBL.

United Bank Limited

 The united bank provides good customer service by providing a secure method to their customers to pay the peso bills. In order to pay the bill online through a credit card, one must have an email account that is registered in the bank. He must remember the password of that email as well; otherwise, it is of no use. Then the customer should open the browser by entering the bank-affiliated email. Then he should search the official website of the bank. That website would serve as him to register himself or make a new account. The person would create the account, and his password would be sent to him through email. By entering that PIN, the person can log in to the account, select the option of bill payment and pay his online bills.

Standard Chartered Bank

If one is to pay the bills using a credit card via this bank, he should follow the procedure mentioned. Open the website of the standard chartered bank. Make an account by inserting your credit card number. Login into the account, select the option of bill payment and click add bill. The bill will be paid.

Muslim Commercial Bank

One can pay the bills using the credit and debit cards of this bank. He could also use the visa debit card. T pay the online bill of PESCO through this bank, one has to search the bank’s official website and get registered. Then select the option of bill payment after logging in to the account. And then he should click the option of register biller and then the new biller. Then click o the option of pay bill and add bill. After selecting your category pay the bill. One would get the confirmation email on his registered email account that the bill has been paid.

Habib Bank Limited

In order to pay the bill through a credit card via Habib bank, one should open the website of Habib bank on his browser. Then make an account on the website and login into the account. By selecting the option of bill payment, select the company. They may ask for the reference number. Then click on the opportunity to add the bill and proceed to pay the bill. The bill payment confirmation will be sent to the customer via email or SMS.

Jazz Cash Or Easy Paisa

If one wants to pay the bill through a specific app like jazz cash or easy paisa, then he has to follow the following steps.

  • Download the required app on the mobile or desktop. It would be better to download it on the desktop.
  • Make an account in the app by entering the CNIC number and the phone number.
  • Make your pin code and note it down somewhere so that you may not forget it.
  • Then log in to your account.
  • Select the option of bill payment.
  • The app may ask you for the reference number in order to access your bill. Add the reference number.
  • Select the option of adding a bill and proceed to pay the bill.
  • Wait for some time after paying the bill till the app gives the notification of the transaction is successful.
  • You may also keep the screenshot of that transaction as proof.

Bill Via Jazz Cash or Easy Paisa But Retailer

One may also like to pay the bill via jazz cash or easy paisa but through a retailer. For this process following are the steps to follow.

  • Go to the easy paisa or jazz cash retailer near your home
  • Take the bill and the due amount with you. If you don’t have the hard copy, you can print out the PESCO online bill print copy or take a screenshot of the duplicate copy with you
  • Show that bill to the retailer
  • He will ask you about your phone number.
  • Then he may ask about the pin. Put the in his mobile by yourself
  • You will receive an SMS that the bill has been paid
  • The retailer will stamp the copy of your bill

In this type of payment, make sure that your jazz cash account is verified. If not, then do the biometric verification of the jazz cash account; otherwise, the transaction won’t occur.

Jazz Cash Accounts

Some people like to pay their online bills through their JazzCash accounts, for this purpose following are the steps that should be followed.

  • Dial *786* from the phone
  • Select the bill payment option
  • Then proceed to the bill type
  • Enter the name of your country
  • Then enter the company name
  • Enter the reference to pay the bill
  • Enter the pin code in order to confirm that the transaction has taken place. number and proceed

Duplicate PESCO Bill

Duplicate bill? Sounds a bit illegal. But no, it isn’t. it is again a type of customer service provided by the PESCO management. One may wonder what a PESCO duplicate bill print is, what is used, and how it is helpful. Well, one may have noticed that the owner of the house or the one who pays the bills tends to keep the customer copy of each  PESCO bill print with themselves for future purposes. Sometimes, there comes a fault in the system or due to some mistake in the records. For example, some people receive messages from PESCO that they haven’t paid their bills, but they actually have. So those people take the copies of all the previous bills as proof with themselves to clear the misunderstanding. So if one of those copies is missing, it can cause trouble for the customer even if he has paid the bill.

A PESCO bill duplicate copy is actually a duplicate copy of the bill. The original copy is the one that is sent to the home of the customer in hard form. A PESCO duplicate bill is a copy that appears on the screen when a person types his reference number in the search bar of the billing website of PESCO. The duplicate copy, as the name tells, is the exact copy of the original bill.

Reasons For Duplicate Bill

There are many reasons for which this concept of duplicate copies was introduced. Sometimes people misplace their original copies, and they can’t find them. In this case, they can check the duplicate copy by inserting the reference number. Sometimes the time is passed, yet the customer does not receive the electricity bill in hard copy. So that person can also check the details of his bill through the duplicate bill.

Some people do not send the bill through an online system by themselves. They are afraid that their one mistake might make them lose all their money. So these people go to the retailer and ask him to make the online payment. In that case, the retailer asks for a copy of the bill and stamps it as soon as he receives the message that the amount has been paid.

Sometimes the house owner or the person who earns the bread and butter of the family is not in the home. Whether he is outside the city for his job or his job hours are such that he cannot pay the bill in the bank in proper time. So he checks his bill details via the duplicate bill. One can also print the duplicate bill out. So he can print the bill out anywhere and pay the bill on time.

Many scholarships in Pakistan, such as Ehsaas Scholarship, ask the applicant to attach the bills of the past six months or insert the details of the past six months. The duplicate accounts come in handy at that time. That person can get access to his recent bill duplicates and the previous bill records as well. He could also print them out. So this is how the duplicate bill benefits the customer.

PESCO Duplicate Bill

PESCO Bill Calculation

PESCO bill calculation is not a difficult task. In Pakistan, there are different rates of units in different sectors. Domestic sectors have different rates per unit; the commercial sector has a different rate per unit, the industrial sector has a different rate and the agricultural industry has different rates per unit. With each bill of electricity, other expenses like taxes are also added. The main general PESCO bill calculation formula is to multiply the total number of units utilized by each unit in the PESCO consumer bill. Then add the extra amounts like taxes etc., and this is the bill.

Sometimes, the rate of the first fifty units used is different from the units used above fifty. So it may become a bit difficult for the customers to cope with such a situation and to calculate the bill. But don’t worry. The online system has the solution to everything. Many websites offer the tools like PESCO bill calculator. To be able to calculate the bill from these websites following steps should be followed.

  • In the web browser Type PESCO Bill Calculator and visit our website.
  • Select the category whether the bill is of a domestic sector, commercial sector, the industrial or agricultural sector
  • Select the connection whether you have a three-phase connection or a single-phase connection
  • Look up the bill and search the total number f electricity units used. Insert the total amount of units used
  • It will calculate the bill

Sometimes people want to pre-calculate their electricity bill. For this purpose when 15 days pass they calculate the bill in such a way that they enter the number of consumed units. The number of consumed units can be checked through the house’s electricity meter when they calculate the bill. Bushey multiplies it by two in order to get the idea of their monthly bill of electricity.

How To Apply For PESCO New Connection ?

Online management has made everything easy for the customers. Now to apply for a new PESCO online connection, no one has to keep going to the office again and again. This can be done while sitting at the home. PESCO’s new meter charges are then applied accordingly. In order to get a PESCO new connection form online, the following steps should be followed.

  • Visit
  • Click on the option of new connection and then click on the apply connection.
  • An application form will be displayed on the screen. Please read the options carefully and fill them in properly
  • Select the type of connection you want to opt for. Whether its domestic, agricultural, commercial, or industrial
  • Enter your sales tax registration number (STN) and national tax number (NTN)
  • Select the company that is PESCO
  • Select the subdivision
  • Add the status that whether you are a tenant or a landlord
  • Your details include the date of birth, phone number, and CNIC number
  • Add the family details and their details as well if required.
  • The details of your residency and your neighborhood as well.
  • Add the details of the person to contact. F the details are exactly as you have mentioned above, then click the option of same as above
  • Select the installation company.
  • Please read the terms and conditions and click agree to them
  • Review the application thoroughly to avoid any sort of mistake
  • Click the submit button and submit the application

The PESCO new connection fee depends upon the area in which you live. The distance of your residency to the transmission line. the average single-phase PESCO new connection charge in rural areas up to 40 meters is Rs 5220.

PESCO New Connection

PESCO Online Bill Check By Name

Peshawar Electric Supply Corporation is known as PESCO. Founded in 2000, Peshawar Electric Supply Company is an electric supply company. PESCO was created to replace Peshawar District Electricity Corporation. The Peshawar Electricity Supply Corporation (PESCO) was originally established for commercial purposes and then privatized. More than 2.6 million Pakistani urban customers are served by Pesco’s power distribution service. PESCO Networks operates 132, 66, and 33 VK substations that serve a KPK power distribution system. Connecting your house or company to electricity via 11kV and 440V high voltage substations.

You Can Check Your PESCO Online Bill Check By Name By Visiting: PESCO Online Bill Check By Name

PESCO Complaint

A customer can face many problems with its connection. Sometimes there is a shortage in the supply of power. Sometimes customers want to change their meters. It also happens that sometimes people get unbelievably high bills as compared to their usage. A platform of PESCO online complaint provides solutions for such problems to its users. The customers submit their complaints and PESCO takes action against them. The PESCO complaint cell is very efficient. PESCO’s complaint number is 0301 8897639.

If a customer sensed an issue with his billing, like if he paid the bill, still the website did not upgrade the status showing that the bill is paid. Or if the customer has a problem with the amount of bill. For such billing issues, they can complain about the given email address is

Suppose a customer noted some suspicious activity in his surroundings related to the connection. If he sees that someone is stealing electricity either from their or someone else transmission line or if he sees some issues with the meter, he can contact the PESCO office and submit the complaint on the given email address

If the customer has some other complaints, he can complain about the given email address

PESCO Contact Number

People can officially avail of the PESCO contact number through their website and email. But some customers are not well aware of the usage of online systems or they do not understand the instructions given on the website. For these people there is the helpline or PESCO contact number. They have an amazing staff who is there to listen to their customer’s problems and guide them through their procedures. The contact numbers of PESCO offices in different regions of KPK are given as:

  • Hazara PESCO (0992) 9310404
  • Gumbat PESCO (0922) 563300
  • Jalala PESCO 0315 8610171
  • Charsadda PESCO (091) 9220051
  • Peshawar PESCO (091) 9211992

PESCO Tariff Rates

Tariff rates are the additional charges like taxes and the subsidiary that are applied to the PESCO unit price in different sectors of Pakistan. Pakistan is facing a shortage of electricity for the last two decades. It makes its own electricity, but if sometimes the load increases, it results in load shedding. In order to provide an excellent lifestyle to the citizens of Pakistan and meet up their needs, Pakistan needs to produce electricity in bulk amounts. This causes a significant burden on the finance of Pakistan.

But still, to provide a quality life and facility to the people living in the domestic sector are provided with a low PESCO per unit rate. This is because the electricity consumption in the domestic sector is a bit less than in the commercial sector. At the same time, the connections that come under agricultural, commercial, or industrial sectors are charged with a comparatively high rate of electric units. This is because they use electricity in a bulk amount. Their business runs on electricity is a definite load on the power supplying units. For e.g. in the residential sector, the bill for electricity is Rs 3.95 up to 50 units. After it, the bill for units from 1-100 is 7.75 rupees. From 101-200, it is 10.06 per unit. And so on.

The range of units consumed The rate in the domestic sector The rate in the commercial sector
Single-phase connection Rs 75 Rs 175
Three-phase connection Rs 150 Rs 350
The peak time of use Rs 22.65 Rs 23.55


How To Pay the PESCO Bill Online?

One can pay the PESCO bill online through the jazz cash app or the easy paisa app. Bill can also be paid through a jazz cash account. Bill can also be delivered through the official websites of banks and through their banking app as well.

Can I Calculate The PESCO Bill Online?

Yes. You can calculate the PESCO bill online through the PESCO bill calculator.

What is the PESCO Complaint Number?

PESCO’s complaint number is 0301 8897639.

How Can I Get a Duplicate PESCO Bill?

You can get the duplicate by entering the reference number on the PESCO website.

What is FPA in the PESCO Bill?

It is a variable amount that can be added to the bill. It is known as Fuel Adjustment.

How We Can Download the PESCO E Bill?

Enter the reference number on the website of PESCO. The bill will appear on the screen. Click on the option of full view. Then click the option of download

Can We Check the PESCO E Bill Without a Reference Number?

No. we cannot check the PESCO bill without a reference number.


WAPDA had a tremendous responsibility on it. Its efficiency was increased by dividing it into different sub-organizations. PESCO has proved to be one of the most authentic and efficient organizations. PESCO bill online method has brought a revolution. The introduction of PESCO bill online payment has improved the working. Now the customers can easily perform PESCO bill online check, PESCO bill view, a PESCO new connection, file a complaint without leaving the premises of their house. Pakistani authorities are clearly upgrading their level by introducing an online system.

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